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College Financing Plan

The College Financing Plan (CFP) was created to help students compare college financial aid offers. Texas A&M has made this tool available within the Financial Aid Portal, which may be accessed after logging in to the Howdy Portal and clicking on the Financial Aid Portal icon. When you enter the Financial Aid Portal, click on the Awards link and then “Click here for a printable version of your award letter.” The CFP is attached to the financial aid offer.

Please note that data may appear only if you have a financial aid application on file and/or are receiving State or Federal veteran education benefits. Details about veteran benefits may not be available on the CFP (these benefits are viewable at the bottom of the CFP under other resources) if you have not completed all requirements for certification of benefits. Texas A&M updates information as needed based on the amount of financial aid offered or changes in your veteran benefits.

If you are certified as eligible for Veteran’s Affairs education benefits, an additional form will become available to you in the Financial Aid Portal under Helpful Links. The “Additional Disclosures for VA Students” link will open a new page that will display certain information such as the estimated total cost of your program (including an estimation of both direct and indirect costs), the amount sent to the VA for payment for the academic year, and resources for information such as graduation rates and transfer credit policies. This information, combined with what is included on the College Financing Plan, is provided in accordance with Public Law 116-315, Section 1018.
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