Texas A&M students taking courses at other institutions can receive VA Chapter Benefits for those courses as long as they are required for the student’s degree plan. To receive VA Chapter Benefits at the other institution, do the following:
  • Contact the other institution’s veteran services office and submit the required VA documentation to that institution.
  • Fill out the Texas A&M University’s Request for Primary Institution Letter Form and then submit this form to the Veteran Services Office via document upload on the Financial Aid Portal, fax, mail, or in person (Room 205 of the Pavilion). This form can also be found on the Forms page. The other institution may require additional documentation.
  • The Veteran Services Office will then confirm that the courses you are taking are required for your degree plan and then submit your form to the other institution.
  • The other institution will then certify your VA Chapter Benefits for those courses.
Note for students in Engineering Academies: Engineering Academy students are considered degree-seeking at the partner community college until full transition to Texas A&M. Courses to be certified must apply to degree plan at the community college in order to qualify for VA benefits, regardless of future applicability to intended TAMU degree.
Students can sign up to receive their VA payments via direct deposit. For more information, please visit the Change Your Direct Deposit webpage or call the VA directly at 1-800-827-1000. If you have questions regarding lost or stolen checks, please call 1-800-827-1000.
The Veteran Services Office recommends that all students receiving veteran benefits register for eBenefits through the VA in order to easily access critical veteran benefit documents. Students who have already applied for veteran benefits can register for eBenefits on the eBenefits website. Please visit the VA benefits page for more information.

We recommend that students sign up for a Basic Account as it enters them into the VA’s larger registration system and then sign up for a Premium Account (which gives them full access to all benefits available in eBenefits). There is no charge for signing up for the Premium Account. The VA recommends that students allow 30-90 minutes to complete the enrollment process.

General Information Regarding eBenefits

All Chapters can access eBenefits and Veterans can sponsor their dependents and give them access to eBenefits. Veterans can get the following (and more) from eBenefits:

  • DD214
  • Military Medical Personnel file
  • Payment History
  • Description of Benefit Amounts remaining (Certificate of Eligibility)