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Check Your Benefits Status

To check the processing status of your VA Chapter Benefit or Hazlewood Exemption, please do the following:
  • Log onto howdy.tamu.edu.
  • Select the My Finances Tab.
  • Select the Financial Aid Portal link in the Scholarships & Financial Aid section of the page.
  • Select the appropriate Academic Period Page.
  • Select the Status Page. This will show you which of your documents have been processed and which are incomplete or missing.
  • If any related documentation appears to be incomplete or missing, please submit the necessary documentation to the Veteran Services Office as soon as possible. Benefits cannot be processed until all of the required documentation has been received.
  • If you expect your tuition and fees to be paid by your benefit and your benefit documents appear as "complete", please confirm on your student billing account that your tuition and fees have been paid. If they have not been paid, please contact our office immediately as you may be at risk of being charged late fees or dropped from your courses.
Please note that standard processing time for VA Requests for Certification and Hazlewood Exemption Applications is 5-7 business days from the time all required documents have been submitted to the Veteran Services Office.

Although the Veteran Services Office is responsible for processing veterans educational benefit documents and certifying students' courses with the VA, the VA is responsible for issuing students' monthly stipends as well as their books and housing allowance payments.

Notice: In an effort to protect your confidential and personally identifiable information (i.e. social security number, tax information), Scholarships & Financial Aid accepts documents submitted via document upload in the Financial Aid Portal, fax, postal mail, or in-person. Documents may not be submitted via email. Please include your UIN on all of the documents submitted.
Student in Academic Plaza and MSC Integrity Entrance